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Cat Adoption Application

MFP strives to place pets in compatible homes by matching traits exhibited by the pet with the adopting person(s) home environment and desired pet characteristics. MFP may conduct a home visit at its discretion. The cost for adoption can range from $50-$200. We tend to assign higher adoption fees to our "in demand" kittens and purebred cats. These fees help us continue our rescue work. Please note, regardless of where our adoption fees are set, they do not cover all the costs incurred to house and provide veterinary care for our cats and kittens. Please be aware of our Companion Kitten Policy. We prefer that our kittens go to homes that already have a young companion animal or to a home willing to adopt two kittens. We do offer a two kittens for $150 discount. So that the best interests of the pet are served, MFP reserves the right to refuse an adoption to anyone.

Residence Information

Does anyone have known pet allergies? Yes No
If you do not own, do you have the Landlord's/owner's permission to have a cat? Yes No
If a pet deposit is required, has it been paid? Yes No
Will the adoption of this cat comply with your subdivision/apartment regulations? Yes No
Do you have a dog door that leads to the outside? Yes No
Mission for Paws is dedicated to good matchmaking and we want to identify potential problems before they arise. It may be traumatic for some cats to transition from one home to another. We want to be certain that the match we make is a good one and has a high probability of success from the beginning.

Animal Care Information

Would you prefer to adopt an indoor-only cat or an outdoor- access cat?
Can you invest the time and effort to allow this cat to adjust to its new home? Yes No

What do you consider valid reasons for giving up a cat? (mark all that apply)

Destructive Behavior
Not Friendly
Having a Baby
Vet Bills
Pet Deposit
Not Using the Litter Box


What will you do if the cat demonstrates the following behaviors?

Cats often live 15 years or longer. Are you prepared to assume responsibility for that long? Yes No

Pet History

Pet Details (Complete if applicable)

Previous Pets

Pet Details (Complete if applicable)

Where did you hear about Mission for Paws?

Adopt a Pet
Google Search
Website MFP

Financial Concerns

Mission for Paws strongly recommends a yearly checkup for most cats. The average cost to provide proper veterinary care for a cat annually is approximately $250. It is recommended to seek out pet insurance if finances might be a concern.

I certify that the information is true and complete.

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